Capstan Village - Richmond

Capstan Way Parking

8633 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC

The parking facility at 8633 Capstan Way in Richmond offers both daily and monthly parking, serving as an ideal option for those seeking long-term parking near Vancouver YVR Airport. Conveniently located with easy access to the Bridgeport Skytrain Station, this parking is a practical solution for travelers heading to the airport, providing a secure spot for their vehicle during extended trips. This location's accessibility and affordability make it a top choice for airport-related parking needs.

Hourly Parking Rates:
1 Hour $4.25
All day 6am - 6pm $9.50
Overnight 6pm - 6am $6.25
Daily Parking Rates:
24 Hours $13
Weekly Parking Rates:
1 Week $42
2 Weeks $84
3 Weeks $126
4 Weeks $140
45 Days $220
60 Days $280
Monthly Parking Rates:
Monthly Random $120/month + taxes
24 Hour Reserved $150/month + taxes
3 months minimum contract

Parking Contracts

Sorrento - Monthly RANDOM - $120 Download
Sorrento - Monthly RESERVED 24HRS - $150 Download

In the case of a discrepancy between the rates shown here and those displayed at the lot, the rates at the lot shall prevail.