Frequently Asked Questions – Monthly Parking

Is a parking space guaranteed with monthly parking?

Random parking does not guarantee a parking spot as outlined in the contract. We do try our best to never rent out a lot to capacity. However, occasionally an event in the area may unexpectedly fill a lot to capacity so it is suggested to all monthly random parkers to come as early as possible. This only happens on occasion. Only Monthly Reserved parking guarantees a parking spot.

I only need 1 to 2-months of parking, what is the rate?

Unfortunately, our monthly parking contracts require a minimum of 3-months. Early cancellation will result in additional fees. For the Richmond Capstan/Sorrento Location Only, you can purchase 15-days, 30-days, 45-days, 60-days, or 75-days worth of parking right off of the meter at that location.

Am I allowed a second vehicle with my monthly parking pass?

Up to two vehicles can be attached to a monthly parking pass. The vehicle parking in the lot that day must have the parking hanger tag displayed.

What is your monthly parking cancellation policy?

Monthly Parking contracts must be cancelled with 30-days written notice from either party (Notice must be given on the last day of the month. Example: If you intend for parking to stop effective December 31, you must provide notice in writing by no later than November 30th).

If I reserve parking stall from 6am-6pm, do I have to leave by 6pm?

As a reserved 6-6 monthly parker, you do not have to leave your parking stall by 6pm. Your stall is only guaranteed to be reserved for you up until 6pm.

If I am a monthly RANDOM parker, can I store my vehicle or park overnight?

Monthly parking does not permit vehicle storage. You may only park in the same parking stall for a 24-Hour period.

Frequently Asked Questions - Daily Parking

Can I reserve parking stalls for a few days?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate such requests at this time. Exceptions can be made if the reservation is for 40+ parking stalls for a movie crew or temporary storage.

I am having issues with the parking meter, who should I contact?

For the Lot 4187 (Marriott), 4804 (Ritz) & Lot 4733 (Pinnacle Pier Hotel), please call Diamond Parking – (604) 681-8797
For Lot 2037(Richmond) & Lot 1778 (Broadway/Maple) - please contact Impark – For Meter/Lot issues, please call: 778.370.5050. For Meter Refunds, please call: 604.331.7118.